Legal Disclaimer

The information contained on this website is for the use of the general public. Delivering Dreams Surrogacy, LLC does not provide legal, medical, psychological or insurance advice and nothing contained on this website should be construed or relied upon as legal, medical, psychological, and/or insurance advice or opinion.

Gestational Surrogacy requires the expertise of attorneys that specialize in reproductive law to negotiate, draft and review the parties’ contract and represent the parties in legal proceedings necessary to establish parental rights. Delivering Dreams Surrogacy, LLC’s team will help you find an experienced and qualified reproductive law attorney to assist you this legal process. For legal matters in Utah, Delivering Dreams Surrogacy, LLC recommends Davenport Law. However, please note that Damian E. Davenport, Esq. is the owner of Davenport Law and is also an owner of Delivering Dreams Surrogacy, LLC.

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